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They think its all over… sadly, it is!

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Well the time has finally come… a year has passed us by with some amazing experiences, and it has probably been the most action packed and fun 12 months of our lives. We are now back in England enjoying some home comforts before we leave for Canada for a snow season early in November. But this will be our last blog for our round the world part of our journey. To celebrate, its a relatively short one (hurray!) as we only had about a week left in Peru after the Inca trail before flying home. Here is what we got up to. Read more…


How Incanvenient!

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Buenos dias chicos and chicas. Although we have been in Inca land since northern Argentina, we are now well into the heart of Inca territory, starting with Lake Titicaca and then the ancient Incan capital of Cusco. We have been amazed by some of the things we’ve learnt about them. Here’s what we have been up to! Read more…

I don’t Bolivia it! Part 3

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Hola! We had one amazing week in the Amazon, with three days in the Pampas on the Yacuma river, then three days in the jungle of Madidi National Park. So much fun, we really didn’t want to leave the wildlife and the warmth, we felt so “travelly” up there. So many pictures to put up! Read more…